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Walker's SOS Slayer Crossbows BlindBrella Screenbrella Rotator 16 Gun Organizing Insert

The Rotator is a unique gun storage system that can be used at home, in a safe or as a standalone piece of furniture.  It is suitable for use by outfitters, gun shops, at gun shows, & anywhere that easy access, storage and protection of firearms is needed.

Features of the Rotator:

  • Full 360o movement to provide easy access
  • All stainless steel construction designed to last
  • Industrial ball bearings for smooth rotation
  • 18.5" x 18.5" footprint (base) fits in most safes
  • Attractive and durable grey scale finish
  • Rubberized coating to protect your firearms
  • Holds up to 18 long guns (9 vertical & 9 inverted)
  • Easy to assemble (4 major pieces)
  • Adjustable fit to accommodate most firearms
  • 39 lbs. total weight
  • Accepts most rifles, shotguns & muzzleloaders (with or without scopes attached)
  • Fits in most safes and provides easy access

No More Fighting To Reach Firearms in the back of your safe. Unlike any product of its kind, the ROTATOR allows for your long guns to be stacked upright & inverted to maximize available space while protecting your valued firearm investments.

The ROTATOR's all-stainless steel construction and smooth, industrial ball-bearing construction, along with it's protective vinyl-coated carousel parts helps provide smooth, long-lasting performanceand protection for your firearms.

Adjustments allow ROTATOR to work with most any long gun - with or without a scope - and accepts a total of 18 firearms.  It's small footprint of just 18.5" makes it incredibly versatile and easy to fit into most safes providing easy access to your rifles and shotguns.

The ROTATOR is the first product in the S.O.S. family of Innovative Outdoor Products.  Look for more quality products to enhance the hunting and shooting experience of the outdoorsman, and woman, both in the field and at home.